Florian Tibor Hossfeld Vancouver Fine art photography

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Hi everyone, welcome to my Photography gallery !

My name is Florian Tibor Hossfeld. I am a fine art photographer, film maker & painter travelling around the world to share my inspiration and memories. Exploring complementary mediums is essential to fully express my creativity for my projects. In this gallery, you will find my photographic work.

My photo shoots are a kind of ritual. For landscapes I usually carry a 6x7 medium format camera with slide Film, which provides the best results in terms of color depth & details. I compose my shots carefully and wait for the most special timing to give a magical atmosphere to the scenery. For street photography, I shoot both film and digital, depending on my mood! While my retro-style 6x6 camera is a good companion to catch a smile from people’s faces, using a faster 35mm SLR with sharp primes and fine grained B&W film allows me to freeze genuine instants of life. I particularly love working in the darkroom to enlarge and handcraft my own prints.

- Rent my artworks for your office or special event ! - pricing on demand

For limited edition metal prints and rentals and assignments, please contact me by email
Limited metal editions are printed in Hollywood, then framed and signed by myself. I do ship worldwide.

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